Rajasthani Dhamal

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Holi Ro Chang Bajno Anita Shaktawat, Chandrakanta Rathod, Jafran Saiyyad, Mali Chhawarlal Gahlot, Raju Rajasthani, Ram Laxman, Saroj Manwar

Laalar Lyade - Prakash Gandhi - Rajasthani Original Shekhawati Dhamal Holi Folk SongRajasthani Folk Song Olu Aave Majhal Raat. Holi is national festival of India and celebrated all over the globe. Here, in Rajasthan, it is celebrated in a different way, where one type of musical songs are mostly played and sung. They are known as Dhamal songs, which are usually played with Flute and Chung (Duff). It is a song of Dhamal Holi.