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Pictured in photo from left to right and front to back are Brenda Castaneda, Katie Schwint, BVRMC Executive Director of Community Development, and Nith Young. Middle row: Perla Barajas, Norma Sanchez,

Upgame King Wahl showed why he deserved time, as he could guard various positions on the court, provided some glimpses of a post up game. On June 12, Canada’s national basketball team, loaded with NBA players, will face a Canadian Elite Basketball League all-star. The Lakers are quietly turning LeBron James into the single-most dangerous post-up player

Dumfries flood scheme’s lengthy battle finally concludes – The council has argued that the scheme represents the best solution for the town’s lengthy struggle with the waters of the.

A 1,700-ton landslip on February 10 saw services between Kilmarnock and Dumfries grind to a halt. The effects of Storm Ciara.

Nith - Perigo [ Dir. @Sandiegofernandes ]Nith Grove, ON – Active weather triggers are changes in the weather that could augment health complaints. Each active weather trigger is weighted equally. The occurrence of more than one trigger increases the severity.

They say warm temperatures combined with an expected 10-20mm of rain along the watershed in the next 24 hours will create.

Runoff from this week’s weather event is causing flooding in low-lying areas typically prone to spring flooding. There is.

Examination of the landslip by specialist engineers confirmed that 1 700 tonnes of debris had slipped from beneath the.

From option number one, a full widening of the Nith River where properties would need to be purchased and potentially.

The Grand River Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning and watch for parts of the watershed. A flood warning is in.