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The Delhi Covid-19 patient had visited the La Piazza restaurant at Hyatt Regency Delhi.

Nov 25, 2019 20:24 IST India TV.

Letters are the Evidence in Aurangzeb Versus Dara Shukoh Battle – It is alleged that Aurangzeb behaved very badly with his brother Dara Shukoh. He got him beheaded but did that really happen?

‘Save Amaravati’ campaign to be taken to Delhi – Kondal Rayudu, they felt that the ‘Save Amaravati’ campaign should be taken to the streets of New Delhi to draw the attention.

Matka L Like Yoni, Bibi was himself a recruit to the Sayeret Matkal, the most selective and elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Netanyahu, the Almost-American – In 1976, his brother Yonatan was killed during the raid on Entebbe Airport in which their unit, Sayeret Matkal, rescued 103. At 8:30 Sunday morning, he had already attended