Spray For Longer Intercourse

Desensitizing/delay products are spray or lotion which could possibly help guys using the humiliation of premature ejaculation and raise their long-term time during sex. I utilized the spray often and that I feel the end result following a couple of adjustment in dosage. After having a circumcision, the removal of the foreskin can impact these regions and for that reason bring about guys having a lower sense during sex.

25-11-2015  · b. Drinking amla or gooseberry juice everyday could help you last longer in bed and also improve sperm quality as it contains iron and zinc. c. Eat a handful of strawberries before intercourse.

In my humble opinion the best medicine is natural medicine. Yeah, I’m sure you don’t like my answer. But I’ll give you the EVERGREEN answer to long duration intercourse. Viagra does work. But it will mess you up when you start relying on it. I kno.

19-11-2009  · Men suffering premature ejaculation — less than a minute after penetration — last 5 to 6 times longer if they use an experimental penis spray 5 minutes before sex.

20-12-2016  · However, on days they used it, they lasted significantly longer: 11.2 minutes, a 65 percent increase. Use of the delay spray was linked to a higher likelihood of both partners reaching orgasm, too.

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07-04-2009  · Every time they had intercourse during the three-month study period, each couple measured the time to ejaculation with a stopwatch. Sex delay. The men who tested the spray, called PSD502, were able to last 6.3 times longer on average. In comparison, men who tested a "dummy" spray containing no drug lasted only 1.7 times longer.