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Men buy more clothes online than women – BENGALURU: Indian men are.

driven by India’s young population and the ease in accessing brands. The proliferation of e-commerce in smaller towns and more malls have ensured that digitally connected.

Generation Z or Gen Z is the term used to describe the generation of young men and women reaching adulthood at the end of the.

According to Buyandship, Indian consumers overwhelmingly crave US brands and goods, with 93 percent of its shipments to India.

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of people.

In USA, online sale still accounts for 11.1 percent of the total sales, whereas in India the.

advancements, shopping.

As part of its international growth strategy, the family-owned company with a rich tradition is now expanding its global.

I also have a toddler at home, and random men turning up at my home every day, sometimes in my absence, is scary.” He added,

And the easiest place for them to go is where other people are — online. Since December sees so much of pressure for people.